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Join SPCA Cupcake Day 2017 and help save animals in need

Join thousands of New Zealanders on Monday 14 August as they grab their spatulas to fight animal cruelty with cupcakes!

Each year, over 46,000 abused and neglected animals need love, care and shelter. Since 2009, supporters like you have helped us raise over $2 million to help these animals, simply by selling cupcakes.

With your help, this year will be our biggest yet! Join us and make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of injured, abused, sick and lost animals across New Zealand.

How to get started

Bake for SPCA Cupcake Day

With your colleagues

Shake off the Monday blues and gather your team together for the sweetest fundraising event of the year!

Running an event in your workplace is simple, just bake cupcakes at home, take them to work & make lots of money for New Zealand’s animals!

Pick a time that suits, advertise around the office and get creative. You can share your online fundraising page to raise even more money, and don’t forget to ask your boss about matched funding!

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With your friends

Help New Zealand’s animals in need today by hosting your own cupcake event with friends or in your community groups.

Simply pick a day convenient for you, choose your venue and get planning.

Set your own target, share your online fundraising page before the day and have fun!

Your friends will love a chance to get together to make a difference while indulging in some delicious treats.

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With your school

If you think that you could make tasty treats for your friends and teachers, and you are passionate about helping animals in need, then SPCA Cupcake Day is the perfect event for you.

You could choose to cook with your class, run a cake stall at lunch, DIY your own cupcake themed event or even invite your local community to join you!

It’s really easy to take part in SPCA Cupcake Day at your school, but make sure you get permission from a teacher first!

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Through your business

If you own or manage a cafe or bakery then why not make a difference to the lives of New Zealand’s animals, while showing your customers that you care.

You could design and create a limited edition animal themed item, or run a cupcake day promotion, donating a dollar or percentage of sales to SPCA.

We can provide you with artowkr to support your promotion and can even list your logo on this website.

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We’re baking our way to make a difference for New Zealand’s animals in need

Posters and resources

Download everything you’ll need to promote your event

Which eggs to choose?

Make sure to look for the SPCA Blue Tick® eggs for your recipes

Fundraising tips

Tips on how to maximise your fundraising efforts

Food safety

It is essential that you follow safe food handling processes when baking

Recipes and Decorating

Fun ideas for cupcakes to bake and SPCA-themed ways to decorate

Plan your party

A step by step guide to plan a fun and creative party

Funds raised so far!

We’re baking our way to make a difference for New Zealand’s animals in need

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  • 50
  • 100k
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  • 200k
  • 250
  • 300k
  • 350
  • 400k


Well done to our top fundraisers and their amazing efforts this Cupcake Day

Top Individuals

  • 9 Spokes 9 Spokes Cupcake Day $1,277.97
  • Laila Strathdee Cake it to the limit $818.65
  • Desiree Watt Désirée & Pippas' Cupcakes <3 $681.50

Top Teams

  • Orion Health Orion Health $1,996.28
  • Trece Croll Telnet Services $1,401.70
  • Samantha Stuart Akron Trade Centre's Cupcake Appeal 2017 $1,213.75

How to bank your funds

There are two simple ways you can choose to bank your funds

Your fundraising page

You may have raised all your funds online using your own fundraising page. If so, there are no further banking procedures, SPCA has successfully received your cupcake funds.

You can also use your online fundraising page to deposit cash collected at your event. Simply put it through as an online donation to your page. This is a simple way to ensure the total funds raised from your bake sale are kept together and will easily show your supporters that you have reached your target! Please note that there is a small service fee from our service provider for depositing funds this way.

Find your fundraising page

Physical banking

If you received cash from your bake sale, please take this into your local bank and deposit into the SPCA Cupcake Day account. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash via mail, or cash that is dropped at our SPCA Centres.

You MUST use your unique SPCA Cupcake Day number in the reference field so we can identify your deposit. This number is on your registration confirmation email and any email you receive from the SPCA Fundraising team. If you can’t find your number, please email cupcake@spca.org.nz or call 09 265 7312.

SPCA Cupcake Day account: 12-3109-0019825-25

(Please note that the funds you have deposited into the CCD bank account will not appear on your online fundraising page total. This is only because the two platforms are not connected, however be assured that the SPCA has still received your funds from both places.)

Thank you so much for fundraising for the animals of SPCA by participating in SPCA Cupcake Day 2017.

Join in #SPCACupcakeDay2017

Thanks to our supporters